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Family owned and operated since 1975, Commodity Sampler Services is here to accommodate all of your sampling and surveying needs in the warehouse and on the piers.

For 30 years C.S.S. has been providing invaluable service to the coffee and cocoa industries. We are licensed Master Samplers for the New York Board of Trade's Coffee, Sugar & Cocoa Exchange.

As an independent we are able to examine the status of your inventory in the warehouses, and be your eyes and ears in the field keeping watch over your valuable supply.

At C.S.S. our motto is ‘Integrity Through Independence’. We believe in this statement and run our business in this manner to provide you with an unbiased sampling service. Our independence is what assures the integrity of your samples and therefore the security that you are looking for with this service. While we are surveying or sampling your inventory, we represent only your interest, and you can be assured of an accurate representation and report.

As your single source for sampling, C.S.S. can help to simplify your sampling procedures. Each day we will send e-mail notification of all samples drawn with their corresponding courier tracking numbers. This makes confirmation of order completion easy. No more calling around to find out if a sample was drawn and locating the tracking numbers.

As our business is exclusively sampling, you can be assured that your specific requirements are met with every sample. You can be confident that our professional staff will draw true representative samples. C.S.S. can provide the solution to your sampling needs. Our capabilities will allow you the option to ship and store your inventory in the method you prefer and still be assured of the quality of your commodity.

C.S.S. can also conduct inspections and surveys of your inventory, including the ability to provide digital photographs and written reports detailing any external conditions present on the piers or in the warehouse.

Commodity Sampler Services would like to be your exclusive sampler in the New York area. If you have any questions concerning our services, please feel free to call me any time.

Thank you for your consideration, and we look forward to a long future of serving your needs.

Thank you and kindest regards,

John C. Finkel
Commodity Sampler Services LLC